Road spillages

Spillages on roads and motorways can cause serious accidents. They should be reported immediately. The police and fire service may also need to be involved when there are spillages of oil, diesel and other substances of a hazardous nature, as road closures may be needed.

Reporting a spillage

You can report a spillage by using the link below. Any details about the offending person(s) which you can provide would be particularly useful.

Tracking the progress of a fault

You are able to check the progress of a fault you have reported using the link below:

Responsibility for clearing up a road spillage

Responsibility for cleaning the road surface to restore its conditions lies with the person who allowed the spillage to happen in the first place.

In certain circumstances, particularly in the interests of road safety, DfI Roads may carry out whatever operations are necessary to restore the road condition themselves and afterwards may seek to recover costs from the offender if possible.

It is an offence for anyone to allow any solid or liquid matter to be deposited onto the road surface. Allowing spillages to happen can be potentially dangerous to motorists and pedestrians, and possibly hazardous to the environment.

Where offenders can be identified, they will be instructed to take whatever steps are necessary to restore the road condition. The police may be notified and, if those steps are not taken, the police may consider taking further action.

Compensation claims

You can get more information on compensation claims at the page below:

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