Roadside grass cutting, weeds and overgrown hedges or trees

Grass cutting on road verges is carried out by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) for road safety reasons only and not for any other purpose. You can report a safety issue with weeds, overgrown grass verges, vegetation or overhanging trees.

Before you start

Report an issue with roadside grass or weeds

You can report an issue with roadside vegetation by using the map at the link below.

Once the map has opened, you should:

  • enter street name into search window and/or pan/zoom the map to the relevant part of the road
  • select the road section to report a fault, then follow the instructions to add further information and contact details
  • if the fault has already been reported, you can still add your name to the list of those reporting it by choosing ‘add’ 

Privacy notice

You can find out how any personal information you send to DfI Roads when using this 'report a fault' service will be handled by viewing its privacy notice.


Report an issue with grass or weeds

Additional information

Tracking the progress of a fault

You are able to check the progress of a fault you have reported using the link below:

Other ways to report

You can also report a grass or weeds fault by email or phone (for emergencies only) by using the contact details on the DfI Roads page.

Grass cutting factors

When cutting grass verges, DfI has to balance the safety and convenience of road users with other factors such as:

  • funds available for the task
  • legal requirements regarding noxious weeds
  • effects of the operation on the environment
  • impact on flowers and wildlife and the fact that smaller species of wildlife rely on ground cover for their existence

How often grass verges are cut

Routine cutting is normallly carried out up to twice a year in rural areas up to one swathe width (approximately 1.2m).

In urban areas, grass verges are normally cut up to five times a year across the full verge. However, in the current financial situation, DfI will cut all roadside verges twice in the period April to October.

Grass on sight lines, at road junctions and bends is cut more frequently as required.

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