Report an obstruction on a road or street

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is responsible for ensuring that the public road network in Northern Ireland is free from obstructions as far as reasonably practicable.

Before you start

You can report an obstruction by using the link below.



Report an obstruction

Additional information

Tracking the progress of a fault

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You are able to check the progress of a fault you have reported using the link below:

DfI Roads

You can also report an obstruction on a road or street by email or phone (for emergencies only) by using the contact details on the DfI Roads page.

In order for DfI Roads to correctly locate the obstruction, it would be helpful if you could let it know:

  • the nearest town, road or street name
  • any obvious landmark close to the obstruction
  • a description of the obstruction

Obstruction on a road or street

You can get further information on the page below.

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