Where to stay on holiday in Northern Ireland

Before you visit other parts in Northern Ireland, find out about local tourist attractions and what will be on in the area you want to visit. Visitor Information Centres can tell you what's on and book your holiday accommodation.

Accommodation standards

Quality assurance is important when you're looking for somewhere to stay. The Northern Ireland Tourist Board visits holiday properties each year to award and review ratings based on quality. You can use these ratings and standards to help you find suitable accommodation.

Visitor Information Centres

Visitor Information Centres have detailed, accurate information for tourists. Each centre is staffed by local people who understand their visitors' needs and expectations. They also know their area well.

The centres have information and advice on places to visit, events, accommodation and local transport services. You can buy maps, guides and entertainment tickets in the centres.

You can ask staff to book your accommodation before you visit or when you arrive.

Holidaying in Northern Ireland

The Discover Northern Ireland website has holiday ideas for different areas in Northern Ireland.

If you have an area in mind, you can visit the websites below for more information.

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