Parks and green spaces

There are many green open spaces in Northern Ireland, ranging from small local parks to the vast landscapes of the Mourne and Sperrin mountains.

Parks and public playing fields

Good quality parks enhance the quality of life in towns and cities. Parks provide a focal point for communities, a place for relaxation or recreation, and the opportunity to experience nature in an urban environment. Most parks and public playing fields are managed by local councils. For more information about parks in your area, visit your council's website.

Country parks

Country parks promote access to the countryside, encouraging a greater understanding and knowledge of the environment.

Green Flag Award

The Green Flag Award recognises high standards in the management and maintenance of public parks and green spaces. Getting involved is voluntary.  Awards are made annually.


There are over 100 public forests in Northern Ireland. For information about public forests and recreational activities, go to:

Nature reserves

Interested in the outdoors, exploring nature, wildlife and geology then visit Northern Ireland’s many nature reserves which are open to the public every day of the year and free to explore:

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

There are several Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in Northern Ireland. Each AONB is a distinct and spectacular landscape, such as the Lecale Coast, the Mournes or the Ring of Gullion.

Nature and wildlife

As you make your way through one of Northern Ireland's parks or open spaces, keep your eyes open for amazing wildlife. Ulster Wildlife runs campaigns and events for you to learn more about your local wildlife, including summer schemes for children. For more information, visit Ulster Wildlife website.

There are also nature reserves owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). These are ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers. Some provide a wide range of facilities suitable for family days out, while others have only minimal services. To find out more about RSPB Nature Reserves, visit the RSPB website.

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