Street lighting

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is responsible for most street lights, traffic signs, bollards, and belisha beacons on public roads and streets across Northern Ireland. If you find a fault with any of these, you can report it to DfI.

Reporting a problem

Damaged or faulty electrical equipment can cause serious injury or death.
Do not touch it or interfere with it.

You can report a fault online, by email, in writing, in person to the relevant office, or by telephone in the case of emergencies, at the link below:

Tracking the progress of a fault

You are able to check the progress of a fault you have reported using the link below:

Street lighting in urban areas

Street lights are provided mainly to improve road safety at night, but they also help to reduce crime and the fear of crime, and to enhance the night-time urban environment.

Generally, all roads, car parks and footpaths adopted (owned) by DfI in urban areas are lit. Exceptions to this include:

  • rear paths which only give local access; and
  • sections of adopted urban roads where there is no continuous housing development

LED lighting is the preferred choice for DfI’s new and replacement street lighting schemes for adopted roads and footways.

New housing developments

The street lights in new housing developments are installed by the building developer during construction until the road on is adopted by DfI. Until then the developer is responsible for:

  • major repairs
  • warranty failures
  • repair of vandalism-damaged columns
  • routine maintenance and
  • the payment of energy

DfI is not responsible for street lights away from the public road network, for example, security lighting to Northern Ireland Housing Executive houses or in council parks.

Rural roads

Rural roads are not usually lit unless there is a community of at least 10 houses along a 200-metre stretch, or a history of night-time road collisions.

How to request better lighting

If you feel that street lighting needs to be upgraded or installed in your road, you should write to the street lighting engineer for your area. Please use the contact details at the link below.

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