A pothole is where the surface of the road has worn away and a hollow has formed. Potholes can form quickly and are a hazard. If you're concerned about a pothole, you can report it online.

Report a pothole

You can report a pothole online by using the link below. 

Tracking the progress of a fault

You are able to check the progress of a fault you have reported using the link below:

Problems caused by potholes

The severity of a pothole is determined by the risk it poses to road users. This is difficult to judge since all potholes present some risk. The factors to be taken into account include:

  • size and depth of pothole
  • traffic type, speed and volume
  • road alignment
  • visibility
  • the position on the road

Potholes can also appear on pavements or footways.

Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads has responsibility for the maintenance and repair of publicly-maintained roads and footways.

Repair of potholes which happen on 'private streets' is generally the responsibility of the developer or street owners.

Compensation claims

You can get information on how to claim compensation due to a problem caused by a pothole on the page below:

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