Complaining about how a Department for Infrastructure claim was handled

If, during or after the processing of a claim against the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), you wish to complain about any aspect of how it was handled you can do so. Details of how to do this are contained in its customer charter.

DfI customer charter

Internal complaints procedure

The DfI Roads Claims Unit aims to issue substantive replies to 95 per cent of written complaints, including faxes and emails, within 15 working days.

If a full investigation is going to take longer, DfI Roads Claims Unit will let you know the reason and when you can expect a response.

Most problems can be sorted out by the claims manager of the DfI Roads Claims Investigation Team that has been dealing with your claim.

If you are not happy with the response at that level, you should write to the head of DfI Roads Claims Unit with full details of your complaint.

Next steps

If you are still not satisfied with this response, you may complain in writing to the Office of the Deputy Secretary, DfI headquarters.

Note that this internal complaints procedure does not deal with complaints about DfI’s decision in a compensation claims case, as decisions can be contested through the legal process.

If you have received a reply from the deputy secretary and are still dissatisfied, you can ask a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly (not necessarily your own) to refer your complaint to the Northern Ireland Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman will expect you to have used the procedure outlined above before referring a complaint.

You can contact the Ombudsman for advice or visit the Ombudsman's website.


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