Guide to Rates

A guide to rates

Information on your rate bill, help with paying your rates, how you can pay your rate bill, rental properties, and valuation of properties for rates.
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Pay your rates online

Domestic ratepayers can pay rates online with a debit or credit card ... more

Pay your rates online

Rate Rebate Scheme

If you're already getting Universal Credit, apply for Rate Rebate to help pay your rates ... more

Set up a Direct Debit online

Set up a Direct Debit online

You can use an online form to set up a Direct Debit to pay your rates ... more

Valuation of domestic properties for rates

Your domestic rates are based on your property's capital valuation... more

Rates on rental properties

Depending on the rented property's capital valuation, the tenant or the landlord is responsible for paying the rates  ... more

If you have a query call 0300 200 7801 (calls charged at a local rate)

If you have a rates Housing Benefit or Rate Rebate query, call 0300 200 7802 (calls charged at a local rate)

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