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Rates are a property tax based on the valuation of your home. When you buy your home, you must tell Land & Property Services immediately to avoid a backdated rate bill. Rates are due on all domestic properties, both empty and occupied.

Rates for a domestic property

Rates for a domestic property are based on the capital value of your home on 1 January 2005. The same level of rates is due on all domestic properties whether occupied or empty. Different rules apply to rates for rental properties. For more information about rates and rental properties, go to:

When you buy your new home, you must tell Land & Property Services (LPS) immediately to avoid a backdated rate bill. You can use an online form to open a new domestic rate account. To use this form you must provide contact details for the previous owner, or details of a solicitor or estate agent involved in the sale.

You should contact LPS by telephone about changes to non-domestic or rental properties. 

  • telephone: 0300 200 7801 
  • text relay: 18001 0300 200 7801

Rates calculator

While you are waiting for your first bill, you can use the rates calculator to find out rates on the property for a full rating year. LPS issues annual rate bills at the beginning of April,  based on rates assessed from 1 April to 31 March the following year.

If the person responsible for paying the rates changes during the rating year, for example the property is sold, LPS will reassess the rates. Your rates assessment will be from when you own the property.

To use the calculator you will need to know the capital value of your property and the council district. You can usually find the capital value by searching the domestic valuation list.

If your property is not yet listed in the domestic valuation list, for example if it is a new build property, LPS will identify this when processing your online form. They will arrange for the capital value to be assessed so that they can send you a rate bill.

Rate reliefs

There are  rate reliefs, exemptions and exclusions available to ratepayers in certain circumstances. 

If you think you're entitled to Housing Benefit and Rate Relief, but you have not yet received a rate bill because you are waiting for your property’s capital valuation to be assessed, you should apply immediately.

Searching land and property registers

If you're buying or selling a property, you can search for information about the property in:

  • Land Registry
  • the Registry of Deeds
  • the Statutory Charges Register

You can search land and property registers in LPS Customer Information Centres. The registers aren't available online.

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