Introducing your rate bill

You can see important information on your rate bill at a glance.

Information on your rate bill

On your rate bill, you can see:

  • your account details
  • your full address, including townland
  • the amount you must pay
  • any exemptions, reliefs or allowances

LPS can only discuss the rate account with the rate account holder or someone authorised to act on their behalf. If you would like someone to act on your behalf, download and complete a Third Party Authorisation form. Send the form to your local LPS rating office.

You can use the links below to get a full explanation of your bill and to see the rates information leaflet that will be enclosed with your bill:

Paying your rate bill

LPS issues annual rate bills at the beginning of April.  Your rate bill is based on rates assessed from 1 April to 31 March.  

When you receive your domestic rate bill, you are responsible for paying the full amount within the rate year.  You can make one payment for the full amount or spread payments over ten months.  

If you're a householder getting full rates Housing Benefit, you don't get a rate bill.

Change of property owner 

When the person responsible for paying the rates changes, for example if a property is sold, LPS will reassess the rates. You will only be billed for the period you own or live in the property. To avoid a back dated rate bill, you should tell LPS as soon as a change takes place.

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