Apply online for an enhanced check through a registered body

You need an nidirect account to apply online for an enhanced check. You can only apply if the organisation that asked you to get the check gave you a personal identification number (PIN). Your application must be approved by the AccessNI-registered organisation before sending to AccessNI for processing.

Before you start

When you create your nidirect account, you’ll receive a confirmation email immediately. Once you activate your account you can log in and apply for an enhanced check. You’ll need:

  • PIN given to you by the organisation that asked you to get an enhanced check
  • your home addresses for the last five years
  • your National Insurance number
  • your driving licence and passport numbers (if you have these documents)

AccessNI account

If you created an AccessNI account before 17 July 2018, you can't use this to apply for a check. You must create an nidirect account and log in to apply. You can link your AccessNI account to your nidirect account. Log in to your nidirect account and follow the instructions for linking accounts.

Disclosure certificate

If you have no criminal history to disclose, you’ll receive a digital disclosure certificate. You can view the certificate from your nidirect account.  If the certificate discloses criminal record or other information or you requested a paper copy, you’ll receive a printed certificate by post.  

To send a copy of your digital certificate to an employer, select the share button on your nidirect account and include their email address.  When you share your disclosure certificate with someone, it will only be visible to them for three days.

Privacy notice

To find out how personal information you send to AccessNI will be handled when using this service, go to:  

Create or log in to an nidirect account or apply for an enhanced check

Additional information

When you apply online for an enhanced check, you’ll get an email confirming the registered organisation received your application for approval. When your application is approved, AccessNI will process it.

To track your application’s progress, log in to your nidirect account.

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