Removal and clamping of illegally-parked vehicles

Vehicles parked illegally in urban clearways and bus lanes on the main roads into and out of Belfast may be removed and clamped. These vehicles cause significant delays and congestion.

Removal and relocation

Vehicles that are found parked illegally in urban clearway routes and bus lanes during operational hours will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

However, they can now also be removed and relocated to a nearby side street and clamped, or taken to a vehicle pound. Charges will then have to be paid before vehicles are released.

The vehicle pound is located at:

1N McKinney Road
BT36 4PE

The pound operates between 7.00 am and 7.45 pm from Monday to Friday, and between 9.00 am and noon on Saturdays.

The vehicle pound contact phone number is 0330 135 8927.

If your vehicle has been removed and clamped

Relocated vehicles will have a notice placed on them explaining that it has been clamped. This will include details of how the driver can arrange for its release on payment of the required charge.

When a vehicle has been relocated, the PSNI will be alerted and given details of the vehicle and its new location.

Drivers who return to find their vehicle missing in these circumstances should contact the PSNI in the first instance by calling the non-emergency 101 phone number. 

The PSNI will confirm if it has been removed for a parking contravention, provide details of its relocation, and a contact phone number for further enquiries to get the clamp removed.

Charges to be paid

The following charges must be paid before a vehicle can be released:

  • if relocated to a nearby street - £40
  • if relocated to the vehicle pound - £105 (plus the normal £12 per day storage rate)

The Penalty Charge Notice must be dealt with separately. 

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