Exemptions to parking restrictions

There are reasons why a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may not be issued and the specific details of these exemptions are explained on this page.


A number of formal exemptions apply to many restrictions, which means that certain types of vehicles, or vehicles being used for specific purposes, are permitted to wait on parking restrictions. These exemptions are explained below. 

It's important to note that not all of the exemptions will apply to all types of restrictions.

The specific exemptions which apply to each type of restriction are identified further in the more detailed information pages on contravention codes with descriptions.

Getting into or out of a vehicle

Vehicles may stop to allow passengers to get in or get out.

Blue Badge

Vehicles correctly displaying a valid Blue Badge may park on certain restrictions. The permitted period of parking can vary depending on the type of restriction.

Council or government department carrying out statutory duties

Council or government vehicles may park on certain restrictions in carrying out their statutory duties. The vehicle must be necessary for the particular works.

Emergency services

Emergency vehicles (fire, police, ambulance, customs) are permitted to stop on all waiting restrictions.

Road maintenance

Vehicles being actively used in connection with road maintenance work are exempt from all restrictions. These vehicles will generally be marked as Department for Infrastructure vehicles, but may be unmarked vehicles used by contractors. In any event, they should clearly be associated with nearby road maintenance works.

Universal service provider

Vehicles being used for postal deliveries are exempt from certain restrictions. These vehicles should be liveried, but may include companies other than Royal Mail, for example DHL, Parcel Force, and the like.

Statutory undertaking

Vehicles being used on behalf of a statutory authority in carrying out their statutory works (for example, NIE Networks, NI Water and BT) are permitted to park on all restrictions.  In any event, they should clearly be associated with nearby roadworks.

Loading or unloading

Vehicles are permitted to park on certain restrictions for the purposes of loading and unloading. 

Police permission

Vehicles are exempt from certain restrictions on the direction or with the permission of a police officer in uniform.


Motorcycles may park in charged car parks free of charge; however, they must be parked wholly within a bay where such is marked out.


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