Resident parking zones

If you live in a resident parking zone area and don’t have access to off-street parking, you can apply for a permit to park your vehicle on the street. Only one resident’s permit can be issued per household. Permits may also be issued for visiting a house or business.

Rugby Road/ College Park Avenue resident parking zone

There are entry and exit signs clearly on display on the boundaries of a resident parking zone.

There is currently only one resident parking zone, and it includes the following streets in Belfast:

  • College Green
  • Rugby Road
  • College Park
  • part of University Avenue
  • part of Carmel Street
  • College Park Avenue
  • Rugby Street
  • Rugby Parade

There are 236 parking bays in the zone, with 117 of these residents (permit only) parking bays and 119 pay and display bays.

There are a further seven bays beside the crèches on Rugby Road, which will be 10-minute maximum stay bays.

A permit does not guarantee availability of parking spaces.

You can find a map of the zone and more details at this link:

The parking restrictions apply 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on Monday to Friday, excluding Easter Monday and the 12 and 13 July (or days in lieu), the 25 and 26 December (or days in lieu), and 1 January (or days in lieu). 

This is with the exception of a loading bay on Carmel Street beside the shop, which will operate from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Resident’s permit, business permit and visitor’s permit holders can park in any parking bay within the zone, free of charge.

Non-permit holders will be charged a fee for parking in a pay and display bay.

10-minute maximum stay bays and the loading bay are free of charge and are for only for anyone who is actively loading and unloading.

Pay and display rates in resident parking zone

The rates for parking in the pay and display bays are:

  • up to 15 minutes - 15p
  • up to 30 minutes - 30p
  • up to 45 minutes - 75p
  • up to one hour - £1.20
  • up to one-and-a-quarter hours - £1.50
  • up to one-and-a-half hours - £1.80
  • up to one-and-three-quarter hours - £2.10
  • up to two hours - £2.40

Parking zone permits

Resident’s, carers and business permits are virtual permits and are linked to a single vehicle only.

A virtual permit means the vehicle registration is registered and can be checked  to make sure that it has the right to park within the zone.

Visitor’s permits are paper-based scratch cards with a window to scratch off for each day. These permits must be displayed on the dashboard of the car and can be transferred between various cars during the single day of use.

Unused visitor’s permits cannot be returned as refunds are not available.

Special permits (for example, for contractors doing work in a zone) will be virtual and also linked to a vehicle registration. Applicants for these special permits should phone DfI Roads Eastern Division and ask to be put through to 'Network Traffic'.

Permits may be cancelled where the permit has been proved to have been fraudulently used.

A permit is not transferable from one resident parking zone to another.

If no longer needed, a permit should be returned to the office which sent it out.

A permit may be suspended and/ or withdrawn at any time.

Resident's permit

If you live in the resident parking zone area, you can apply for a resident’s permit.

A resident’s permit costs £30.00 a year.

Resident’s permits are valid for one year after their processing date.

Tenants and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

If you’re a tenant in the resident parking scheme area, you should contact your landlord or letting agent acting on their behalf, if you want to apply for a resident’s or visitor’s permit.

You will need to provide your tenancy agreement and your V5C(NI) document for your vehicle.

A household which has been split into a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) will have one Unique Property Identification Number and therefore one rates bill. It will only be eligible for one resident’s permit per household.

Visitor’s permit

If you are a resident or business within the zone you can apply for one book of 25 visitor’s permits every quarter. A £12.50 fee will have to be paid.

These scratch card-style permits must be displayed clearly in the vehicle.

If you are 65 years or over, you will qualify for an additional book of permits per quarter, free of charge.

Visitor’s permits will stay valid until used.

Unused visitor’s permits cannot be returned as refunds are not available.

Business permit

If you are a business owner with a non-domestic property within the resident parking zone and don’t have access to off-street parking, you can apply for a business permit.

Only one business permit can be sent out to each business.

A business permit costs £30.00 a year.

Business permits are valid for one year after their processing date.

Apply for a permit

If you want to apply for either a resident, visitor or business parking permit (including renewals) you can download the relevant form at these links:

Applications, along with all the relevant and supporting information asked for on the form, should either be posted or emailed to:

If you want an application form to be posted to your home address, contact:


Applications can only be processed when all relevant information, and supporting information, has been supplied.

While there is no statutory right of appeal against not getting a permit, an appeal may be made to: 

Parking Enforcement Manager
PO Box 84
BT78 9AN

For an appeal to be successful, it must be demonstrated that:

  • existing policy and guidelines have not been complied with


  • an exceptional need exists that has not been considered as part of the application

Blue badge holders

Blue badge holders can park free of charge, without time limit, in a marked bay within the scheme zone during the hours of operation.

Blue badge holders who live in the area and do not wish to display their badge at all times can apply for a resident’s or business permit.

The principal driver for a non-driving blue badge holder and who lives in the same household can also apply for a permit.

A permit for a blue badge holder or the principal driver for a non-driving blue badge holder is free of charge.


Contractors can hire parking spaces within the zone by applying for a special permit for builder’s vehicles or skips.

These permits cost £50.00 a week for each space.

To hire a parking space, phone DfI Roads Eastern Division and ask to be put through to Network Traffic.

Healthcare staff or carers

Parking for healthcare staff or carers attending to a resident living within the parking zone is free of charge.

A permit will be issued by the Department of Health.

Company vehicles

Employees may get a permit for a vehicle provided by their employers.

To get a permit, a letter must be produced on company-headed paper in the following format: 'This letter is to confirm that [applicant’s name] is an employee of [company name] and is supplied with [vehicle make, model, with registration number] for his/ her sole business use.' 

Penalty Charge Notices

If you park illegally within the resident parking zone and get a Penalty Charge Notice, you can either pay it or challenge it.

You can find out more in the parking enforcement section.

Funerals and other special events

Residents within the zone can apply for parking spaces to be suspended for short periods of time depending on the circumstances.

Those wishing to do so should contact DfI Roads Eastern Division (9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday) and ask to be put through to 'Network Traffic'.

You need to give 24 hours’ notice to organise the suspension of parking enforcement.

Resident parking zone contact details

If you want to talk to someone about resident parking zones, contact DfI Roads Eastern Division and ask to be put through to 'Network Traffic'.

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