Other ways to apply

You can apply for AccessNI check by post. It will take longer for the check to be completed by post and you will not be able to track its progress online.

AccessNI check application forms

If you are applying for AccessNI check by post, you will need to download and print off an application form.

The following forms, including guidance notes to help you complete the form, are available at the links below:

If an employer has asked you to do this, they may give you a hard copy of the application form to complete. 

Apply for a basic check by post

  • download and complete an AccessNI application form
  • visit a police station where a police officer can verify your home address and identity on the application form
  • send the form with £26.00 fee to AccessNI (cheque or postal order)

Completed applications can be sent to AccessNI.

When AccessNI completes the check, they will send you a basic disclosure certificate.

You cannot apply for a basic check through a responsible body by post. You must complete an online application.

Apply for a standard or enhanced check through a registered body by post

Your employer will:

  • give you an AccessNI standard application form and tell you the sections you must complete
  • check your information is accurate on your completed application form
  • confirm your identity by verifying your name, date of birth and current address on your original documents (if your employer uses an umbrella body you will need to provide copies of identity documents against which these checks can be made)
  • counter-sign the form as a registered body
  • send the completed form to AccessNI

When AccessNI completes the check, they will send you a disclosure certificate. Your employer will not receive a copy and you should consider telling them a certificate has been issued.

Costs, turnaround times and tracking applications

If you apply for an AccessNI check using a paper application you can use the AccessNI case tracking form to check if your application has been received or to confirm that a certificate has been issued.

You can find out how much it costs for an AccessNI check and also how long it will take to process your application at the link below.

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