Further details of contravention code 54-

Contravention code 54- is summarised as failing to comply with a sign indicating a restriction on vehicles entering and waiting in a Pedestrian Zone (non-goods vehicles).

Pedestrian zone

Contravention code 54- shall be used for non-goods vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and so on) seen to be waiting in a Pedestrian Zone in contravention of a sign restricting this, where loading/ unloading is permitted. A five-minute observation period will be applied.

Code 54. should be used for goods vehicles where loading is permitted. Where loading is not permitted, code 54 should be used for all vehicles.

Many towns and cities have Pedestrian Zones, where access for vehicles is heavily restricted. The specific hours of operation and exemptions that apply can vary from town to town, and even from street to street. Drivers should pay particular attention to the signs which are displayed at the entry points to each zone.

  • is loading/ unloading permitted?  Zone specific – refer to signs
  • are Blue Badge holders exempt?  Zone specific – refer to signs

Exemptions to enforcement

Vehicles may not wait in a pedestrian zone with the following exemptions:

  • Blue Badge - Blue Badge holders may park in some pedestrian zones up to 11.00 am (local rules apply in accordance with a valid TransportNI access authorisation)
  • council/ government department in pursuance of statutory duties
  • emergency services (fire, police, ambulance, customs)
  • road maintenance
  • postal
  • statutory undertaking (NIE Networks, NI Water, BT, and so on)
  • loading/ unloading – if permitted this is clearly indicated on the signs
  • in accordance with a valid Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads access authorisation

You can find out more about exemptions to enforcement on the page below:

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