Further details of contravention code 47

Contravention code 47 is summarised as parked on a restricted bus stop/ stand.

Bus stop or stand

Contravention code 47 shall be used for any vehicle (other than a bus) seen to be parked on a restricted bus stop or bus stand. No observation period will be applied.

Vehicles are not prohibited from stopping at all bus stops. Where a restriction applies, the restricted area is marked out by dashed yellow or white lines containing the words 'Bus Stop'.

Most restricted bus stops are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A time plate is only required if this is not the case and this time plate will clearly state the hours of operation.

  • is loading/ unloading permitted? No
  • are Blue Badge holders exempt? No

Exemptions to enforcement

Vehicles are not permitted to park on a restricted bus stop or bus stand with the following exemptions:

  • council/ government department in pursuance of statutory duties
  • emergency services (fire, police, ambulance, customs)
  • road maintenance
  • statutory undertaking (NIE Networks, NI Water, BT, and so on)

You can find out more about exemptions to enforcement on the following page:

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