Further details of contravention code 45

Contravention code 45 is summarised as parked on a taxi rank.

Taxi rank

Contravention code 45 shall be used for any vehicle (other than a public hire taxi) seen to be parked in a taxi rank. No observation period will be applied.

Only public hire taxis are permitted to park in taxi ranks. Private hire taxis are not permitted to park on a taxi rank and should be enforced against the same as any other vehicle.

Public and private hire taxis may be distinguished from each other by the information contained on the plates attached to the rear of the vehicle.

  • is loading/ unloading permitted? No
  • are Blue Badge holders exempt? No

Exemptions to enforcement

Vehicles (other than taxis) are not permitted to park in a taxi rank with the following exemptions:

  • council/ government department in pursuance of statutory duties
  • emergency services (fire, police, ambulance, customs)
  • road maintenance
  • statutory undertaking (NIE Networks, NI Water, BT, and so on)

You can find out more about exemptions to enforcement on the following page:

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