Further details of contravention code 34M

Contravention code 34M is summarised as a vehicle, detected by a mobile CCTV camera, driving in a bus lane in contravention of bus lane regulations. No observation period is applied.


The police may also take action against vehicles which are seen to be driving in bus lanes during their operational hours.

Using a bus lane

There is specific legislation in place for each bus lane which determines when the bus lane is in operation and which vehicles can use it. In general terms the bus lanes can be used by:

  • buses (with more than nine seats, including mini buses, coaches and so on)
  • permitted taxis (Belfast public hire taxis, Taxi-buses, Class B taxis and Class D taxis only)
  • emergency vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • cycles

Note: During the hours of operation, only vehicles listed above are permitted to set down or pick up passengers in the bus lane.

Before you enter a bus lane it is important to check bus lane signage to confirm its hours of operation and if your vehicle is permitted to use it.

  • is loading/ unloading permitted? No
  • are Blue Badge holders exempt? No

Exemptions to enforcement

During the operating hours vehicles may not drive in a bus lane, with the following general exemptions:

  • emergency vehicles
  • council/ government departments in pursuance of statutory duties (access permitted only to work within the bus lane)
  • statutory undertakers, NIE, Water, BT, Gas and so on (access permitted only to work within the bus lane, only on specified routes)
  • for removal of an obstruction
  • with police permission
  • for access to adjacent premises (vehicular entrances, that is driveways, car parks, businesses)
  • for access to adjacent lay-bys, taxi bays, disabled bays, loading bays and so on

You can find out more about exemptions to enforcement on the page:

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