Pigeon Top Forest

Pigeon Top is a 375 hectare coniferous forest between Ederney and Omagh.


There are no facilities for recreational activities provided. The public are welcome to visit this forest by foot.

To arrange a special event or activity in this forest, such as sporting events or educational visits, contact the recreation manager at Enniskillen Forest Office.

There may be restrictions on access to parts of the forest from time to time due to forest operations so pay attention to safety signage. 

About this forest

This is a predominantly coniferous forest managed for commercial timber production. There is no parking facility. Visitors must not block access for forestry vehicles by parking at the gateways.

How to get there

From Omagh, follow the A32 Enniskillen Road for four miles. Turn right onto the B4 Lack-Ederney-Kesh road. Travel for about two miles to reach this forest, which is on the right.

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