Getting a rate refund

You could get a rate refund if your circumstances change and you overpaid rates on the property you live in. You don’t apply for a rate refund but you need to tell Land & Property Services (LPS) when your circumstances changed. They’ll decide if you’re due a refund.

Reasons for a rate refund

You might be entitled to a refund for different reasons. For example, if you paid full rates early and during the same rating year:

  • you sold the property
  • you moved to a different rented property
  • you’re eligible for rate relief to help pay your rates
  • you paid more than the rates due
  • your rates assessment reduced because your property valuation decreased

Getting help to pay your rates

You could get a rate refund if you paid rates while awaiting a decision about an application for:

  • Rate Rebate
  • Housing Benefit and Rate Relief
  • Disabled Person’s Allowance
  • Lone Pensioner Allowance
  • Rating of Empty Home exclusions

Reporting a change in circumstances

You don’t apply for a rate refund but you need to tell LPS about any changes that could affect your rates assessment.

If you receive Housing Benefit and Rate Relief, you’ll need to tell LPS if your circumstances change.

If you get Rate Rebate, you’ll need to tell LPS about changes in your circumstances:

If your home address changes, you can report the change online.

How a refund is paid

If you’re a ratepayer entitled to a refund, you’ll get the refund as a cheque. LPS will send the cheque to the address where you paid the rate bill. If you’ve moved and give LPS your new address, they’ll send the refund to the new address.

You can ask LPS to transfer the amount they owe you to the rate account for your new address. You can do this online.

If you need more information about getting a refund, contact LPS:

  • telephone 0300 200 7801

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