Taxi driver practical test

Anyone applying to become a taxi driver must pass a practical test. Before they can apply for this, they must first have taken and passed the taxi driver theory test.

During the test

During the test you'll take your taxi driver practical test driving on both rural and urban roads. You will be driving for at least one hour. You must satisfy the examiner that:

  • you know how to drive
  • that you have a good knowledge of road safety standards and that you can apply them in practice
  • you can drive a taxi well taking into account passengers' comfort and safety

During the test you must be willing to allow the examiner and any supervising examiner to travel in the car.

Vehicle requirements

You must make sure your vehicle is suitable for the test and you must hold the right driving licence to drive it.

The vehicle used for the test must:

  • be a four wheeled motor vehicle of no more than 3.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass (MAM) capable of at least 100km/h
  • have a minimum length of 3.96 metres (13 feet) and a maximum length of 6.0 metres (19`-8”) and must be suitable to be licensed as a taxi
  • provide a clear view of the road directly behind the vehicle from the front passenger seat

It must be fitted with:

  • front and rear seats
  • fully functional and properly anchored three point seat belts for the front and rear passenger seats
  • a suitable head restraint for the front passenger seat
  • a suitable rear view mirror fitted for use by the examiner (a mirror fitted to the sun visor is not acceptable)

Passing the test

In order to pass the test you must not get any more than 15 driving faults. If you get one serious or dangerous fault or 16 or more driving faults you will fail the test.

You must also satisfy the examiner that you:

  • have the right driving licence for the vehicle you are using for the test
  • have adequate mechanical knowledge of the vehicle you are using for the test
  • are aware of passenger comfort and safety
  • can deal with emergencies
  • can drive the vehicle safely
  • know and can apply the Highway Code
  • can carry out two manoeuvres as directed by the examiner and an emergency stop
  • can drive independently of directions from the examiner for about 10 minutes during which you must make safe and relevant decisions
  • can drive in an eco-safe way (this assessment will be advisory only and will not affect the result of the test)

A taxi driver licence will only be issued once all requirements have been met. If at the end of the process you are not issued with a licence you won't be able to get a refund for any taxi driver theory or taxi driver practical tests that you have taken.

To prepare for the practical driving test you should refer to the following link:

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