Taxi driver theory test - practice test 2

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Question 2
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Question 9
Question 10

Please carefully read the following scenario and then answer questions 11 to 15 which follow.

Prior to starting duty you carry out a check of your vehicle. Access to the passenger seating area is by the sliding doors on both sides of your vehicle or by the double doors at the rear. You realise the electric wheelchair ramp at the rear is defective. You have been having problems starting your vehicle first thing every morning so you replace the vehicle battery. Your first appointment is a party of 12 and 13 year old school children going to their school prom. You pick them up at various locations and take them to the venue, stopping on the near side of the road next to the kerb. On the way, the teenagers start moving around in the rear of the vehicle. To date you have attended two periodic training courses, one lasting 7 hours and one lasting 5 hours. You have another one scheduled for next week which meets the minimum time requirement.

Question 11
Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15


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