Taxi driver theory test - practice test 3

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Question 10

Please carefully read the following scenario and then answer questions 11 to 15 which follow.

You have just started back to work after attending a two day taxi periodic training course.  Each day was made up of 2 courses, each lasting the minimum amount of time for an approved course.  On your first day back the depot manager asks you to do a 10 hour shift as one of his drivers has rang in sick and he needs his shift covered. You are driving on the motorway, its dark and up ahead vehicles are stopping due to a build up of traffic.  After leaving the motorway via the slip road, you notice that the steering has become harder to turn.  Your last pick up of the day is a partially sighted woman with an assistance dog.  When you return to the depot the manager reminds you that your taxi driving licence is due for renewal.

Question 11
Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15


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