Searching the Land Registry

Land Registry is a record of land, houses and properties registered in Northern Ireland. Land & Property Services (LPS) is responsible for the registry. To check if land is registered, you can search the registry in LPS customer information centres.

How to search the Land Registry

Land & Property Services keep the Land Registry for Northern Ireland. They can help you search for land registered on the Land Registry map.  You'll need the postal address to find a property or land.  If you aren't sure about an exact address, it's helpful to bring a map showing nearby landmarks and road names.

Property is registered with Land Registry

If the land is registered, you'll see folio detail and find out:

  • current registered owner
  • any rights or charges that affect the folio

You can also see previous owners, rights and charges from the date the property was first registered with Land Registry.

If your search shows the land is unregistered, there will be no information in Land Registry records. You will need to search the Registry of Deeds (ROD) records.

Registry of Deeds

You can search ROD records from 1 January 1990  in LPS customer information centres (CIC)s. The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) keeps all earlier records. 

Fees to search and copy Land Registry documents

There are fees to search and copy documents:

  • £5.00 for inspection of each folio, map or instrument
  • £5.00 for inspection of the Index of Names for one name
  • £7.00 for an uncertified copy folio/instrument
  • £17.00 for a certified copy folio / instrument
  • £7.00 for an uncertified copy of the Registry Map
  • £17.00 for a certified copy of the Registry Map, not showing appurtenant rights
  • £51.00 for a certified copy of the Registry Map, showing appurtenant rights

Appurtenant rights

An appurtenant right is attached to land and gives the landowner a benefit, for example a right of way over neighbouring land.

Contacting Land Registry

For more information  about the registry, go to a Customer Information Centre or contact Land & Property Services (LPS). 

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