Protect your land and property from fraud

If you bought land or property, it's important to check it's registered with Land Registry. You can take steps to protect your land and property from being fraudulently sold or mortgaged.

Compulsory first registration

When you buy unregistered property or land, you must register the title in Land Registry under  the compulsory first registration (CFR) process. This is the first time the land or property's title will appear in Land Registry. 

Your solicitor needs to apply and certify the land or property's title.

Getting a rate bill

When your solicitor registers your property, you must tell Land & Property Services (LPS) the date you became the new owner. LPS need this information to assess the rate bill for your property.

Applying to register an inhibition on property

If you think you're at risk from land or property fraud, you can apply to have an inhibition registered on the Folio.

This usually prevents Land Registry registering a sale or mortgage on your land or property without your consent.

Risk to land or property ownership

If you bought land or property since 1 May 2003, it is registered in Land Registry.

Your land or propery is more at risk if:

  • your identity has been stolen
  • you rent out your property
  • you live overseas
  • the property is empty
  • the property isn’t mortgaged
  • the registered owner is dead
  • the property isn’t registered with Land Registry

If you’re a victim of land or property fraud

Contact Land Registry's customer information line if you think you’re the victim of land or property fraud:

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