Searching the Registry of Deeds

The Registry of Deeds keeps information about land that is not registered in Land Registry. You can search paper records from 1923 until 1989 and digital records from 1 January 1990. Land & Property Services (LPS) own the digital and paper records in the Registry of Deeds.

Documents for unregistered land

The Registry of Deeds (ROD) is a registration of documents for unregistered land. This land is not registered with Land Registry.

Under this system, a written summary  also known as a Memorial, of the relevant document is lodged in ROD with the original document.

The Registry:

  • keeps the summary
  • returns the original document to the person who lodged it

The Registry of Deeds records the document's existence and its priority date. It does not guarantee that any document registered is valid or has any legal effect.

Index of names

If you know the name of a former owner, a search for their name will show whether a deed created by that person has been registered in ROD and the property it relates to.

Records between 1923 and 1989

Name  index records from 1923 to 1989 are paper and only available in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

Records from 1 January 1990

Registry of Deeds (ROD) records from 1 January 1990 to the present day are digitised. You can search ROD digital records in Land & Property Services (LPS) customer information centres.

Searching paper records

To search records between 1923 and 1989, you need to visit the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI). PRONI holds paper Registry of Deeds records for Land & Property Services (LPS). To search the paper records, you need to buy a permit from LPS  in a Customer Information Centre:

You cannot search the paper records without the Grantor's name. If you are looking for a transaction where you bought a house, the Grantor is the person who sold you the house. 

Searching digital records

You can use ROD digital records to:

  • search name, Memorial number, vacate number, High Court number, Enforcement of Judgments Office number
  • search multiple forenames(for example making it possible to retrieve all records about a husband and wife in a single transaction)
  • view Memorial and abstract information

A search certificate can be provided as verification of search results.

For more information about the registry,  go to a Customer Information Centre or contact Land & Property Services (LPS):

Permits to search paper records

You need a permit to search ROD records before 1 January 1990.  You can buy a daily, monthly or annual permit from LPS:

  • a daily permit costs £10.00
  • a monthly permit costs £70.00
  • an annual permit costs £500.00

When you have a permit, it is free to search certified and uncertified copy Memorials registered before 1 January 1990.

Fees for document copies

There are different fees for document copies:

  • £10.00 if using a kiosk terminal at a Customer Information Centre  per search per 90 results
  • £6.00 per uncertified copy Memorial dated on or after 1 January 1990
  • £16.00 per certified copy Memorial dated on or after 1 January 1990

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