Pointer is the address database for Northern Ireland and the standard address for every property. Land & Property Services (LPS) maintains the database with help from local councils and Royal Mail.

Pointer dataset

Pointer is a dataset for buildings with addresses in Northern Ireland. Each building has a unique building ID, which identifies a ‘primary addressable object’ (PAO). A PAO is defined as the ‘physical footprint’, for example, the building shell.

Each property has a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). The UPRN represents the Secondary Addressable Object (SAO) such as a residence or business within a building.

Pointer is supplied as all of Northern Ireland or by council district area.

Information about Pointer features

Pointer's key features are:

  • the definitive spatial address database for Northern Ireland
  • full Northern Ireland coverage
  • locations assigned Irish Grid coordinates
  • information on multiple occupancy and building use
  • full incorporation of townland names
  • extension file containing ward names and parliamentary constituency information
  • alternative road names in Irish or Ulster Scots if approved by the local council 

Pointer has a set of UPRNs from the national hub which are allocated to all addresses within the dataset. This will make sure consistency of UPRNs across Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Each building will be assigned:

  • a geographic position (x and y coordinates)
  • a postal address

Pointer is the key to accessing property related data held by multiple organisations from a single point.

Pointer Extension file

The Pointer Extension file is available. Information fields include ward and parliamentary constituency. These can be linked to the main Pointer Dataset using UPRN.

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