1:1,000,000 raster

Raster maps are static images displayed on screen, suitable as background mapping.

Each raster image is made up of a series of equally sized cells (or pixels) arranged in rows and columns. 1:1, 000,000 raster is smallest scale OSNI raster product giving an excellent overview of Northern Ireland.

Key features

  • OSNI raster images are geo-referenced so that they display in the right geographic location when viewed in a Geographic Information (GI) software package
  • complete coverage of Northern Ireland
  • shows main roads, towns, cities, counties, parliamentary boundaries and mountain areas
  • altitude tinting gives an indication of terrain height


  • background mapping
  • desk-top publishing
  • web information services

Technical information

  • can be displayed on most GI and graphics software packages
  • Irish Grid coordinates can be found for any point on the map
  • available as one tile covering the whole of Northern Ireland
  • no file conversion necessary
  • this data is now available under Open Data
  • OSNI Open Data

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