Minecraft NI map

You can download a free Minecraft map for Northern Ireland. The Minecraft NI map has over five billion blocks and covers almost 14,000km² of Northern Ireland. Minecraft fans can explore, build and create their own world.

Downloading and installing the map

The Minecraft NI map pack is 1 GB in size. To download the map you need:

  • a licensed copy of Minecraft for PC or Mac
  • 3 GB of free disk space
  • minimum of 2 GB of memory


To install the map, you need to:

Follow the installation instructions in the OSNI Minecraft NI file:

Getting around in the Minecraft NI map

The initial start point when you enter Minecraft NI is Belfast City Hall. Begin by exploring Belfast city centre and decide where you want to go next.

You can:

  • navigate the map within the Minecraft Software
  • teleport to a specific location using the Minecraft co-ordinates generator

How to use the Minecraft Coordinates generator

You can teleport around the Minecraft map using the teleport command: /tp X Y Z. Use the Minecraft Coordinate generator link below to find the X and Z coordinates of where you want to go. Back in Minecraft use the teleport command to enter your location (the Y value is the elevation, a Y value of over 50 is usually a good starting point).

For example, coordinates to teleport to Belfast would be /tp 12274 50 10779, Slieve Donard in the Mournes would be /tp 12435 150 14576.  If you teleport somewhere and end up underground, try again with a higher Y value.

LPS created a story map on Spatial NI that shows how various local landscapes look in Minecraft.

Places of interest to visit

Armagh Planetarium  X 8512 Y 50 Z 13102
Belfast City Hall  X 12274 Y 50 Z 10779
Giant’s Causeway  X 9036 Y 50 Z 5033
Gortin Glen Forest Park  X 5255 Y 50 Z 10255
Lanyon Plaza (LPS Office)  X 12330 Y 50 Z 10783
Marble Arch Caves  X 2301 Y 50 Z 14017
Peace Bridge/River Foyle  X 4900 Y 50 Z 7263
Portaferry/Strangford Lough  X 14373 Y 50 Z 12708
Rathlin Island  X 10636 Y 50 Z 4403
Slieve Donard  X 12435 Y 150 Z 14576

Coordinates take you to the real world location of the area listed. You can see terrains on the map, but not buildings.

How LPS made the map

Land & Property Services (LPS) used a custom built computer programme to create the Minecraft NI map in the Anvil file format.

For each 100 x 100km grid square:

  • load height data from the OSNI terrain files and interpolated to 25m
  • load image data from OSNI vector files
  • both datasets were processed in Arc GIS 10 and exported into images
  • using a custom generator, these two OSNI images representing terrain type and height are used to generate the world file

Each block represents a ground area of 12.5m². The raw height data is stored in metres and must be scaled to a suitable resolution. The maximum represented height of the landscape is 1500 m. Dimensionally, each map block is a cuboid measuring 12.5m x 12.5m x 5m.

How the data is represented

In Minecraft real life features are constructed using different material types available in Minecraft.  LPS  built the map using:

Legend of Minecraft images

Green clay represents areas in the Republic of Ireland. Minecraft NI is not compatible with the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain version.

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