Half Fare SmartPass - Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

To be eligible to apply for this half fare concessionary travel pass you must be getting the standard or enhanced mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The award of this benefit must also have been provided for at least 12 months, you must be aged between 16 and 59, and have been permanently resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of three months.

How to apply

Application forms can be obtained in the following ways:

  • in person from any manned Translink bus or rail station
  • by telephoning 028 9066 6630 (deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants can use the textphone number 028 9038 7505)
  • by emailing: feedback@translink.co.uk
  • applicants must provide their name and full address, including post code


Lost, stolen or faulty SmartPass

You must report your lost or stolen SmartPass to Translink as soon as possible. A special 'hotlist' has been set up to cancel these SmartPasses and avoid the likelihood of fraudulent use.

If anyone else tries to use a stolen pass, Translink staff will be alerted.

Unauthorised use of a SmartPass will result in prosecution.

To report a stolen SmartPass, or if you have any queries about lost or faulty cards, you should visit your local Translink station or phone:

  • 028 90 66 66 30

If your PIP entitlement ends

If you are no longer in receipt of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) then you are no longer entitled to half fare concessionary travel.  You should notify the Department for Infrastructure by phoning:

  • 028 9054 0712

Terms and conditions of use

  • Half Fare SmartPasses are issued for the sole purpose of providing eligibility for concessionary travel on scheduled services provided by Translink and other operators
  • a valid working SmartPass must be presented on every journey in order for free travel to be obtained or else the full adult fare will be charged for the journey
  • Half Fare SmartPasses are valid only on scheduled bus and rail journeys made in Northern Ireland - they are not valid on cross-border journeys, or on journeys within the Republic of Ireland
  • Half Fare SmartPasses are not transferable, nor are any tickets issued with them
  • use of the Half Fare SmartPass is subject to the full conditions of carriage of the transport operator
  • the SmartPass remains the property of the Department for Infrastructure and may be withdrawn at any time
  • after you have boarded the vehicle and requested your ticket, you should check the ticket to make sure that the details of your journey are right - if the details are not right, you should tell the driver/ conductor immediately
  • the personal information which you provide on this form will be processed and held by Translink for the purposes of managing and operating the Concessionary Fares Scheme
  • the Department for Infrastructure sponsors this scheme and may use non-personal statistical data collected and provided by Translink to analyse current and plan for future uses of the scheme
  • the Department may also use personal data provided by Translink to investigate cases of alleged fraud
  • it is the responsibility of Half Fare SmartPass holders to keep their SmartPass in good working condition
  • if a SmartPass is lost or damaged the SmartPass holder will have to pay for a replacement and will not be refunded for any fares paid in the interim

How to use

You can use your Half Fare SmartPass on all Glider services.

Some changes have been made to make it easier for Half Fare SmartPass users to travel on Glider:

  • Half Fare SmartPass users will be able to travel free of charge on the new service
  • SmartPass users do not need to user Glider ticket vending machines but must tap their card on a validator at the Glider halts before boarding the Glider 

The free concession for Half Fare SmartPass users is a temporary reasonable adjustment until an accessible solution is available.  It applies only to Glider services. 

For all other Translink services, including Metro and Glider feeder services, Ulsterbus, and Northern Ireland Railways, Half Fare SmartPass users will continue to get a half fare concession on the price of a single ticket. 

You can view a PDF document showing you how to use your Half Fare SmartPass at this link:

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