Craigs Forest

Craigs Wood is a small wood consisting of just over 260 hectares. It lies to the north east of Rasharkin village. The wood is made up of various conifer species with no hardwood areas of note. Its size means most of the roads could be walked in an afternoon.


There are no facilities for recreational activities provided. The public are welcome to visit this forest on foot.

To arrange a special event or activity in this forest, such as sporting events or educational visits, contact the recreation manager at Garvagh Forest Office.

There may be restricted access to parts of the forest during forestry works so follow the safety advice on forest signs.

Opening times

The forest is open every day of the year from 8.00 am until sunset for pedestrians only.

About this forest

Both red and grey squirrels now live in Craigs Wood and further up into the wood there are large numbers of dragonflies.

There are no loop roads within the wood which means walkers often have to retrace their steps if staying on the forest roads. Once in the forest there are two roads which branch off left. Both of these roads are dead ends and are best avoided. Most walkers leave their car near the gate opposite the old forest house. When parking, visitors must not obstruct the forest gate.

A common and popular walk is to the Broadstone. This is a chambered grave lying to the north west tip of the forest. It is mostly accessed by walking to the forest boundary along the second forestry road on the left.

How to get there

The forest is situated outside Rasharkin village on the Gortahar Road past St Patrick’s Primary School on the left. At the crossroads, turn left onto the Mullan Road.

The turning into the forest consists of a small stoned road on the right. The small road is also a driveway to a private house.

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