Glenarm Forest

Glenarm is one of the nine glens of Antrim.

Tree disease

There is currently an outbreak of Japanese Larch tree disease (P. ramorum). Visitors should pay attention to signage providing information on biosecurity measures which are needed to help prevent the spread of this disease.

For more information on preventing the spread of tree disease, visit the following page:


There are no facilities for recreational activities provided. The public are welcome to visit this forest on foot.

To arrange a special event or activity in this forest, such as sporting events or educational visits, contact the recreation manager at Garvagh Forest Office.

There may be restricted access to parts of the forest during forestry work. Pay attention to safety advice on forest signs.

About this forest

The Glenarm river runs on a straight course down the centre of the glen to join the sea at Glenarm village. It is normally well stocked with brown trout, sea trout and eels. Along its banks mallard, heron, dipper, kingfishers and the odd otter can be seen.

The forest is small, but has a wide variety of tree species growing under excellent conditions of soil and climate. Throughout the forest species such as oak, ash, beech, sycamore, Japanese larch, sitka spruce and many others can be found. On the forest floor plants such as bluebells, primroses, dog's mercury and ground ivy can all be seen.

Many feeder streams run down the side of the glen to join the Glenarm river, forming ribbons of natural vegetation through the man made forest. The Lead, which was built early in the 19th century to bring water from the top of the glen to the whitening mill beside Glenarm harbour, now forms a part of Glenarm's industrial archaeology.

How to get there

From Glenarm follow Toberwine Street to the forest.

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