Apply online to become a counter signatory

You can't apply to become a counter signatory unless an AccessNI-registered organisation asks you. The organisation's lead signatory needs to give you their personal identification number (PIN). You must create an nidirect account that you'll only use as a counter signatory.

Before you start

You can only apply online to become a counter signatory. You must create and use a unique nidirect account. You shouldn't use an existing nidirect account.  When you activate your nidirect account, you can apply. You'll need:

  • the PIN the lead signatory gave you
  • your home addresses for the last five years
  • your National Insurance number
  • your driving licence and passport numbers (if you have these documents)

AccessNI is responsible for processing and approving all counter signatory applications.

Privacy notice

To find out how personal information you send to AccessNI is handled when using this service, go to:  


Create an nidirect account and apply online to become a counter signatory

Additional information

To read more about what signatories do and how to manage applications for checks, go to:

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