Apply online to become a registered body

Only registered bodies can approve and send standard and enhanced application checks to AccessNI. To apply for registration, an organisation uses an online process. They need an nidirect account in the name of a senior staff member. The registration fee is £195.00

Before you start

A senior staff member needs to create an nidirect account in their name for the organisation.  When they activate the account, they can apply to register the organisation. They must provide:

  • the name of the proposed lead signatory
  • the type of business and details about the organisation
  • jobs and positions the organisation will need checks for
  • confirmation the organisation will make at least 20 applications every year

The lead signatory will be AccessNI’s immediate contact.

If AccessNI approves the application, the organisation must pay £195.00 registration fee to AccessNI.

Privacy notice

To find out how personal information you send to AccessNI is handled when using this service, go to:  


Create an nidirect account or apply to become a registered body

Additional information

The lead signatory must:

  • be over 18 years old
  • never have been removed from the AccessNI register
  • be checked for any criminal records

If you don't meet these conditions, AccessNI can refuse to register or allow you to become a lead signatory. 

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