When someone dies at home

Information is available about what you should do if someone dies at home.

If the death was expected

Should a person die at home and the death was expected you, should immediately call the deceased's family doctor if the death has occurred during normal surgery hours. If the event happens outside of normal surgery hours then the on call doctor should be notified.

You should also tell any of the deceased's relatives.

In cases of expected death a medical certificate will be provided by the doctor stating cause of death.

You will also be informed as to how to register the death.

The next thing to do is to arrange for a funeral director to remove the body to a funeral home.

If the death is unexpected

You should dial 999 if someone dies unexpectedly. The operator will tell you what to do to see if the person can be resuscitated.

When ambulance staff arrive they will try resuscitation or else will confirm that the individual has died.

When a death is unexpected the police will also be informed and will arrange for the body to be moved on behalf of the coroner in order than an autopsy may take place to find out the cause of death. 




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