Reporting for your practical test

When attending your practical driving or riding test you must produce certain documents. Make sure you have these documents available when the examiner calls your name. You must also have an appropriately insured and licensed vehicle suitable for the test.

Your test vehicle

You must bring an appropriately insured and licensed vehicle which is in a roadworthy condition and is displaying L-plates that are clearly visible from the front and rear. The vehicle should be representative of the type of vehicle for the category of test you are taking.

At the driving test centre

You must bring the following items with you. If you don't, the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) may not carry out the test and you may lose your fee: You need:

  • a valid MOT certificate
  • the appropriate theory test pass certificate or confirmation (if you are not exempt)
  • your appointment letter
  • both parts of your photo card driving licence (check your appointment letter for details - if you don't take both parts of your licence your test may not take place and you may lose your fee)
  • your signed driving licence with photographic identification
  • your motorcycle manoeuvres test pass certificate (for a motorcycle test)
  • you Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate for the relevant test category (for a motorcycle manoeuvres test and an on-road motorcycle test) 

Further information relating to CBT can be found at:

If you misplace your licence, you must apply for a replacement from DVA which could take up to 15 days. If this happens, you may have to rearrange your test.

Taking someone with you on your car driving test

The examiner will ask if you want your instructor or another person to:

  • go with you on your driving test
  • be there at the end of the test for the result and feedback

DVA encourages you to take someone with you on your driving test. This will usually be the person who has taught you to drive but it could be a relative or a friend. They must be over 16 years old and cannot take any part in the test.

The person who goes with you will be able to see how you perform during the test. To get the most benefit from this, it would be sensible to ask your instructor to go with you. They can then give you advice on how to improve your driving, whether you pass or fail.

If you’d like to take someone with you, make sure that you talk to them about it when you’re preparing for your test.

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