Getting help with your Rate Rebate claim

You must apply online for Rate Rebate. If you’re not used to online applications, a family member, friend or support worker might help you complete your Rate Rebate claim. You can also get help to go online. If you have an appointee, they can claim Rate Rebate on your behalf.

Learning about going online

You can book a place on a free course to learn about using the internet.

To ask for help using online services, contact:

Help completing your Rate Rebate application

You can ask Land & Property Services (LPS) for help if you’re unable to complete your Rate Rebate application:

  • telephone 0300 200 7802 

If you ask someone to speak on your behalf, you will need to be present when they contact LPS.

Asking your appointee to apply for Rate Rebate

Some people need help to claim Rate Rebate because they can’t look after their own affairs.  If you need help, another person aged over 18 can be given permission to act for you.

On your behalf your appointee can:

  • complete the Rate Rebate online application
  • receive emails and provide Rate Rebate information

The appointee won’t have access to your Rate Rebate account until Land & Property Services checks and verifies the appointee’s details. 

What an appointee must do

When you’re an appointee, you’re acting on someone’s behalf. You’re responsible for:

  • claiming Rate Rebate
  • maintaining the Rate Rebate claim with accurate, current information

You must tell Land & Property Services about any change in circumstances that could affect the amount of Rate Rebate the person gets.

You could be responsible for repaying Rate Rebate if the person receives any overpayments.

When an appointee’s role ends

An appointee will stop acting on someone’s behalf if:

  • it is proven that you aren’t acting in their best interests
  • you no longer want to act as their appointee
  • a court appoints a different person as their appointee
  • the person dies 

Using your Rate Rebate account

You can log in to your Rate Rebate account to:

  • claim Rate Rebate
  • see your notifications
  • check your Rate Rebate entitlement
  • report a change in circumstances
  • report a change in address
  • withdraw your Rate Rebate claim

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