Bus and coach safety

Buses are a great way of getting around but there are certain steps you should take to make sure you have a safe journey, particularly if you are travelling at night or on your own.

Personal security

When travelling alone:

  • keep an eye on your bags
  • do not put your wallet in your back pocket
  • if you are a visitor to the area, try to keep your camera and map out of sight as much as possible

If you are travelling late at night:

  • check timetables to limit your waiting time
  • keep looking around you to make yourself less of a target for thieves
  • stay in well-lit areas in and around bus stops and stations
  • arrange to be met from the bus if possible

You can get more advice at this link:

Mobile phone safety

Take a few simple precautions to avoid having your mobile phone stolen. You can also make your phone difficult to use if it is stolen:

  • avoid talking on your mobile while walking
  • before taking out your mobile, check to see who is around and position yourself in a way that will make it difficult for thieves to approach you
  • try to be where a CCTV can see you
  • record the details of your mobile (its reference number and PIN)
  • always use the keypad lock function
  • register your mobile with the service provider
  • report a theft to the police and your mobile service provider as soon as possible

Dealing with bus crime

Bus crime can range from assaults and anti-social behaviour to vandalism and other problems, such as the behaviour of schoolchildren on school buses.

Translink is helping to tackle such crime, not only by fitting CCTV cameras, alarms and protective screens around drivers, but also by training staff to deal effectively with any incidents.

Although crime against passengers is rare on buses, if you do experience or witness such a crime you should contact the police. In an emergency call 999.

Accidents involving buses or coaches

The Police Service for Northern Ireland (PSNI) is responsible for investigating all road traffic accidents.

If the police report that a collision may have been caused by a defect resulting from lack of maintenance, then the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) will be notified and will carry out an investigation of the incident.

If the collision is discovered to have been caused by a design or construction fault then DVA may instruct the manufacturer to carry out a Safety Recall.


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