60+/ Senior (65+) SmartPass

To apply for a 60+ SmartPass you must be aged between 60 and 64 and permanently resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of three months. To apply for a Senior (65+) SmartPass you must be aged 65+ and permanently resident in Northern Ireland for a minimum of three months.

How to apply

You can get an application form:

  • in person from any manned Translink bus or rail station
  • by phoning 028 9066 6630 (deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants can use the textphone number 18001 9066 6630)
  • by emailing: smartpass@translink.co.uk to ask for a form to be posted to you

You must provide your name and full address, including postcode.

You will never be contacted asking for any bank account details when you're applying for or renewing a SmartPass. 

60+ SmartPass applications

Applications may be made no earlier than six weeks before your 60th birthday. 

Applications can take four to six weeks to process. 

Senior (65+) applications

Applications may be made up to four weeks before your 65th birthday, but the SmartPass will only start working on your birthday.

Applications are processed as soon as possible but can take four to six weeks, and your new pass will be posted to you directly.

Proof of age and residency

After filling out your form you must take it, in person, to your nearest Translink bus or rail station along with a countersigned passport-sized photograph and a choice of the following documents to prove your age and residency.

Proof of age:

  • driving licence (a passport or driving licence issued by a non-UK authority must contain your date of birth)
  • passport
  • birth certificate (if name on birth certificate differs from name on application form, then you must provide official documents to support any name change)
  • Northern Ireland Electoral ID Card

Proof of residency:

  • driving licence
  • recent utility bill (an electricity, gas or landline telephone bill, but not a mobile phone bill - 'recent' means no more than three months old)
  • recent bank or building society statement
  • Northern Ireland Electoral ID Card

60+ SmartPass Holders who will turn 65 shortly

Your 60+ SmartPass is programmed to run out at the end of the calendar month in which you become 65. If you have applied for a Senior (65+) SmartPass, it will not be sent to you until near the end of the month in which you become 65.

As free all Ireland and cross-border travel is only available with a Senior (65+) SmartPass, it may be that you have to wait up to three weeks following your 65th birthday before you can claim this benefit.

Renewing your Senior (65+) SmartPass

SmartPasses are only valid for five years. Check the expiry date on the front of your SmartPass to see when it will run out, as it cannot be used to get free travel after this date.

Around three months before each SmartPass expires, pass holders should get a letter explaining how to get a new pass.

If you want further information about renewing your SmartPass, phone Translink on:

  • 028 9066 6630 (deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants can use the textphone number 18001 9066 6630)

Lost, stolen or faulty SmartPass

You must report your lost or stolen SmartPass to Translink as soon as possible, to cancel it and avoid the likelihood of fraudulent use.

If anyone else tries to use a stolen pass, Translink staff will be alerted. 

Unauthorised use of a SmartPass will result in prosecution.

If a 60+/ Senior (65+)SmartPass is lost, stolen or faulty the SmartPass holder can apply for a free replacement. 

For faulty SmartPasses only, a temporary ticket will be issued entitling the card holder to travel on all Translink services for seven days.

To report a stolen SmartPass, or if you have any queries about lost or faulty cards, you should visit your local Translink station or phone:

  • 028 9066 6630

It's the responsibility of 60+ and Senior (65+) SmartPass holders to keep their SmartPass in good working condition.

Using a SmartPass

You should note that:

  • 60+ and Senior (65+) SmartPasses are issued for the sole purpose of proving eligibility for concessionary travel on scheduled services operated by Translink and other operators
  • a valid working SmartPass must be shown on every journey to get free travel, or else the full adult fare will be charged for the journey
  • Senior (65+) SmartPasses are valid on cross border bus and rail services and can also be used for free public transport journeys undertaken entirely within the Republic of Ireland
  • 60+ SmartPasses are neither valid on cross border services nor on journeys within the Republic of Ireland
  • 60+ and Senior (65+) SmartPasses are not transferable, nor are any tickets issued with them
  • use of the 60+ and Senior (65+) SmartPass is subject to the full conditions of carriage of the transport operator
  • the SmartPass remains the property of the Department for Infrastructure and may be withdrawn at any time
  • after you have boarded the vehicle and asked for your ticket, you should check the ticket to make sure that the details of your journey are right - if the details are not right, you should tell the driver/ conductor immediately

You can also view a leaflet at these links showing you how to use your 60+ or Senior (65+) Citizen SmartPass:

The Concessionary Fares Scheme privacy notice is available on the DfI website.

Glider services

You can use your 60+/ Senior (65+) SmartPass on all Glider services.

SmartPass users do not need to use Glider ticket vending machines but must tap their card on a validator at the Glider halts before boarding the Glider.

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