OpenDataNI portal

You can access the OpenDataNI portal to find data from government departments and other public sector organisations in Northern Ireland.

Before you start

This portal allows you to:

  • search for specific datasets or browse a particular subject
  • stream feeds of data using Application Programme Interfaces (API’s)
  • preview and examine the data on the portal using the Data Explorer tools
  • download the data to view on your own computer link to other resources related to the dataset
  • suggest future datasets that you'd like to see

All data published on the OpenDataNI portal falls under the Open Government Licence (OGL)

Access the OpenDataNI portal

Additional information

There are lots of different terms and technical words about the use of open data and they can be quite overwhelming. You'll find a useful blog post on DATA.GOV.UK which gives you a short guide on how to start using open data.

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