Youth citizenship

Information you need about getting involved with politics, making your voice heard, having an influence on big issues and volunteering. Plus, find out how you can share your views on topics and events that affect you

Get involved

Why not take an active role in local politics, talk to your MP or MLA, campaign on local issues or join the Northern Ireland Youth Assembly? You could also volunteer to help charities or environmental projects.

NI Youth Assembly

The Northern Ireland Youth Assembly aims to give young people a voice and help them influence the decisions that affect them.

NI Youth Forum

The Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth led organisation that lobbies for and promotes the rights of young people in Northern Ireland.

Belfast City Council Youth Forum

The Belfast City Council Youth Forum aims to:

NI Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) Youth Panel

The Panel's aim is to encourage and help children and young people develop so that they can take an active and full part in:

  • participation in discussions on issues affecting children and young people in Northern Ireland
  • recruitment of NICCY staff
  • NICCY Youth Panel

Vote and be heard

If you are over 17 years old, you can register to vote in Northern Ireland in the various elections:

  • UK Parliament
  • European Parliament
  • local government
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Elections

Volunteering - search and apply online

Being a good citizen goes beyond politics – there are so many ways you can make a difference. By reporting crime or volunteering to take care of a vulnerable person, you are helping to strengthen your local community

One of the most fun and rewarding ways to make a difference is through volunteering. It's a great way of learning new things, meeting new people and doing some good work. It can even help you get a job or secure a university place.

Search and apply for volunteering opportunities in your area through the following link.

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