Create or log in to a solicitor or barrister's nidirect account

From 1 July 2019 barristers and solicitors will no longer be able to make paper applications or payment requests for legal aid. Legal Services Agency NI will only accept online applications through an nidirect account.

Before you start

The Legal Aid Management System (LAMS) will be introduced on 1 July.  To access legal aid after July 2019, you need to create an nidirect account.

Creating an nidirect account

Barristers and solicitors use a different process to create their nidirect account.


The Bar Library will help you create an nidirect account. 


You need to create an nidirect account and have your identity verified within five calendar days. 

Verifying a solicitor’s identity

When you create an nidirect account, you’ll get an authentication code by email. You must bring this code and three forms of identification to a verification centre (also known as identity assurance offices) in Northern Ireland.

You can also do this at Legal Services Agency's office:

Forms of identification

At least one item of ID must be photographic. For most people, a passport or driving licence, a bank statement and a utility bill will be enough.

The three forms of ID should all match the address used to create the account.

More about identity checks

To learn more about creating an nidirect account and to find your nearest office for identity checks, go to:

Create or log into a solicitor or barrister's nidirect account

Additional information

For more information about legal aid services online, go to:

To find out how Legal Services Agency NI handles any personal information you send them, read their privacy notice:

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