Create an employee's legal aid account or log in to LAMS

If you’re employed by a solicitor or barrister, you must use the Legal Aid Management system (LAMS) online from 1 July. You will need to create an nidirect account and LAMS account.

Before you start

Create an employee's legal aid account or log in to LAMS will be unavailable at times between 8.00 pm on Friday 24 August and 6.00 am on Saturday 24 August. 

LAMS is available from 1 July. Before you can use LAMS you need to:

  • create an nidirect account
  • create a LAMS account

You can’t create a LAMS account without an nidirect account.

Creating an nidirect account

To create an nidirect account, you need to provide:

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • email
  • work address
  • telephone number

You’ll receive a verification email that you’ll need to activate within 24 hours.

Once you’ve set up your nidirect account, you will need to create a LAMS account.

Creating a LAMS account

You must log in to your nidirect account before you can create your LAMS account.

To create your LAMS account, you will need:

  • email address, password and memorable word used to create your nidirect account

Using LAMS

To use LAMS, you must be attached to the business by the business account administrator.  To get attached to your business, you must provide:

  • your supplier reference number

You need to log in to your nidirect account and enter your personal identification number (PIN) to see cases or requests and draft applications and requests for legal aid. 

Create an employee's legal aid account or log in to LAMS

Additional information

For more information on LAMS, go to:

To find out how Legal Services Agency NI handles any personal information you send them, read their privacy notice:

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