Be ready for emergencies

You'll need you're wellies in a flood!


What actions should you take to prepare for flooding, and what to do during and after flooding ... more

Wrap up well if you venture out in freezing conditions

Severe weather

Advice on what to do in freezing conditions, severe heat, and stormy weather ... more

Other emergencies

Find out more about other possible emergency situations
... more

Household Emergency Life-saving Plan (HELP)

Download a copy of the Household Emergency Life-saving planner for the benefit of those in your household … more

Household emergency kit 

Details on what you should include in a household kit for use in the event of an emergency … more

Household Flood Plan

Download a copy of the Household Flood Plan which provides advice for before, during and after a flood … more

Be ready as a community

Information on how communities can work together to prepare for and react to emergencies. A copy of the Community Emergency Plan template is also available to download and complete … more

Information for business

Advice for businesses including detail on continuity planning  … more

Care Registers

Information about Care Registers and how to get your details recorded on them with utility companies  … more


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