Travel to Interview scheme

The Travel to Interview Scheme (TIS) is designed to help unemployed people or those under written notice of redundancy with the cost of travelling to job interviews.

How the scheme works

The job you applied for must be 16 hours or more per week and expected to last for more than three months. The job must be located in Northern Ireland (NI) or elsewhere in the United Kingdom (UK) or Republic of Ireland (ROI).

The job must not be:

  • seasonal, temporary or a short-term fixed contract
  • self-employment

Assistance can not be given towards the cost of travel to job fairs or open invitation recruitment events.

This is not a complete list of conditions and you should always contact an employment adviser in a Jobs and Benefits office/ JobCentre to discuss your application before any journeys are undertaken.

Funding available

Help with the cost of a return journey to attend a pre-arranged interview away from home may be available from the Department for Communities. Assistance will be limited to the most economical method; either:

  • the actual cost of your journey by public transport
  • if you travel by private transport you will be reimbursed for the number of miles by the most direct route at the current mileage rate

Assistance will be reduced if any support in travelling to your interview is provided by the employer.

Who can apply

To get help under TIS you must be unemployed or under written notice of redundancy, be resident in Northern Ireland and have lived in your current locality for more than four weeks immediately before the offer of the interview.

The interview must be undertaken in NI or elsewhere in the UK or ROI with an employer who has confirmed that you have been called for interview.

How to apply

Application must be made in advance of your interview by completing a TIS 1 form, which is available from any Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre.

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