Travel to Interview scheme

If you’re unemployed, or under written notice of redundancy, the Travel to Interview Scheme can help you with the cost of travelling to job interviews in the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Who can apply

To be eligible for assistance under the Travel to Interview Scheme (TIS) you must be:

  • unemployed or under written notice of redundancy
  • resident in Northern Ireland
  • applying for a job that is 16 hours per week or more and will last for more than three months

The job you're applying for mustn't be:

  • seasonal, temporary or a short-term fixed contract
  • a government-funded programme or scheme (with the exception of the Bridge to Employment programme)
  • a job fair or open invitation recruitment event

Financial help available

If you are eligible, you will receive help with the cost of travelling to your interview. 

The amount you receive will depend on your method of travel. Depending on your circumstances this may be either:

  • the cost of your journey by public transport
  • the number of miles by the most direct route at the current mileage rate if using private transport

You will need to prove in your application that the method of travel selected is the most economic available to you, or your application for financial support may be refused. 

Assistance may also be reduced if the employer offers you support to get to the interview.

How to apply

For support under this scheme, you should apply before your interview by filling in a TIS 1 form, available from any Jobs and Benefits office.

If you have bought tickets before your job interview, you can still use the scheme, if you complete and return an application before travelling to the interview.  You should include proof of all expenses incurred in booking your travel, such as confirmation emails or receipts. Assistance will be limited to the amount allowed under the rules of the scheme. 

This is not a complete list of conditions.  The Travel to Interview Scheme (TIS) is a discretionary programme for those most in need.  Even if you meet all of the eligibility conditions, you may not receive support.  You should always contact a work coach in a Jobs and Benefits Office to discuss your application before taking any journey or incurring any expense. 

For general information and to see if you are eligible for support under the scheme, please call Freephone 0300 200 7822.

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