Town centre safety and crime prevention

Your local Policing and Community Safety Partnership, the police and other partners work with businesses and the community to reduce crime and disorder.

Town centre management

Town centre management brings together a variety of people and organisations aiming to tackle issues such as crime, street layout and furniture, transport problems and quality of the environment.

Town centre management teams regularly review an area to make sure any changes are still working for businesses and residents.

They may improve the local area by:

  • installing CCTV systems to reduce street crime such as theft, drug dealing and assault
  • making shopping areas pedestrian only zones
  • landscaping unused waste land
  • improving street lighting

Your local town centre management team may include:

  • residents
  • local businesses
  • police
  • council departments
  • community safety groups
  • neighbouring councils

If you would like to find out about town centre management in your area or would like to get involved, contact your local council, using the link below:

Crime prevention in your area

You can get more information about crime prevention in your area by contacting your local Policing and Community Safety Partnership or Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) crime prevention officer:

  • Community safety

Housing information in other languages

You can find out more about the housing rights of EEA nationals in Northern Ireland by visiting the Housing Advice website:

The site is available in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak, Russian and Portuguese.

You can learn more about renting privately, homelessness, sharing a home, paying for your accommodation and other issues that affect migrant workers:

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