Protecting older children who are leaving home

An important landmark in your child's life is when they prepare to leave home for the first time, perhaps it's to go to university or to set up their first home.

Reducing the risk of crime

If your child has their own home and is aged 16 to 24, they are three times more likely to be burgled than older householders. Here are some things you and your child should consider when they are moving away from home:

  • if setting off for university, the risk of being burgled is much lower in halls of residence than in privately rented houses or flats
  • about one third of all burglars get in through unlocked doors or windows, so make sure your child's new place has working locks on all doors and windows
  • make sure your child's belongings are covered by insurance
  • advise your child to mark all their property with an address, because this will help police identify stolen property
  • buy your child timer switches that turn radios and lights on and off when they're out - this will give the impression that someone is home
  • make sure your child brings valuables home during holidays, or moves them into secure storage


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