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If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam

Members of the public are being warned of a scam where a caller will say that they are from a church....more information is available here

Members of the public are being warned to be alert to text messages claiming to come from PayPal . The message will say that you have 24hrs to confirm your account information or the account will be locked. 

Do not respond to this message, instead delete it immediately and block the number.


Latest News - find about recent scams

Detail of recent scams that you may encounter. … more

Information on scams

Information on a wide range of scams and how to recognise them. … more

Little Book of Big Scams

Download your own copy of the this information booklet which provides advice on how to beat the scammers. … more

Report a scam

Details on who to contact and the infromation to provide if you think you have encountered a scam … more

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